Islamic Center Hamburg
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The three-day meeting on '' the way of behaving and an Islamic appropriate manner in current societies''

The three-day meeting on '' the way of behaving and an Islamic appropriate manner in current societies'' was held by the cultural organization Islamischer Weg e.V. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6th to 8th June 2014 with the presence of over 500 Muslim youths from different cities of Germany, Austria and Swiss in the Islamic centre of Hamburg.

This three-day meeting included various cultural devotional recreational programs such as speech, question-answer meetings, cultural games and the visiting of a book fair and cultural products.

On the second day of this meeting, Ayatollah Ramezani, the Imam and head of the Islamic centre of Hamburg, sermonized. After he welcomed all of the participants and appreciated the persons that held this meeting especially Dr. Yavuz Özguz, he explained the responsibilities of the Shiite Muslims in Europe and added

'' One of the most important duties and responsibilities of the Muslims in the west is to wait for the advent of the liberator of the world as it has been said in the prophetic Hadith

     « افضل الاعمال انتظار الفرج »     

What is understood from this sacred Hadith is that waiting is a verb and we should do working and effective activities in order to hasten his advent. Three things are important for a real waiter: 1. self-training; 2. providing enough grounds; 3. modifying the society.

The reason that the first duty of the waiters of Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his advent) is self-training is that only righteous people can be improved.  A fair person can seek fairness.

 Referring to this matter that the workshops of the behavior of persons with family, society, Muslims and non-Muslims should be held, he added about the way of the Islamic appropriate manner in current societies that

 '' A real Muslim is a person whose behaviors and manners are logical and in line with the Quran. Her excellency Zahra (peace be upon her) said

   کان خلقه القرآن

'' The manner of the prophet (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants) was logical and in line with the Quran''.

The Quran should be within the life of a Muslim. Separating from Quran means separating from ourselves. If we have a close relationship with the Quran, the feel of needlessness and supply penetrates into the inner of human. Imam Sadeq (peace be upon him) said '' a Muslim is a person that recites at least fifty verses of the Quran every night because the Quran promotes the soul of human and improves the wisdom of people.

Whether Muslims live in the east or the west, we should pay attention to this point that Islam should appear in our behaviors and manners. Imam Musa Sadr stated '' a heavy responsibility that is left to the followers of his excellency Imam Ali (peace be upon him) is that we should introduce him through our actions. Unfortunately, sometimes we talk about ten hours to influence others, but others influence people with five minutes of their actions.

We should show selflessness in our behaviors. Imam Sadeq (peace be upon him) stated '' it is decent that the believers try to help each other in their affairs''.

It has been narrated in the beautiful narrations from Imam Sadeq (peace be upon him)


        « شيعتنا اهل الورع والاجتهاد و اهل الوفاء و الأمانة و اهل الزهد و العبادة اصحاب احدي و خمسين رکعة في اليوم و الليلة، القائمون باللّيل، الصائمون بالنهار، يزکّون اموالهم، و يحجّون البيت، و يجتنبون کلّ محرّم » 

Our Shias are hardworking, faithful, trustworthy and pious. They pray fifty one rekats (prayer units) during a day (they fulfill navafel prayers (voluntary prayers) as well as vajeb prayers(compulsory prayers)). They worship day and night and fast during the day. They pay the zakat of their properties, fulfill Hajj and avoid doing haram (forbidden) actions. Our Shias are pious and devout. They take care of their eye, ear and hearts (so that they do not commit any sins). They try and fight in the path of God. They try to train themselves and others. Shias are trustees. Quran, Imam Zaman and the sources of authority are trusts in the world. Ayatollah Bahjat Fumani (may God's mercy be upon him) stated to me '' I leave you in the support of God and God in your support. Then he stated '' I mean that I leave the religion of God, the rules of God, the Quran of God and … in your support''.

The head of the Islamic European union of Shiite scientists expressed in another part of his remarks with convicting bloodsheds done in some countries by extremists and insults done in social channels about some scientists and scientific personalities '' excommunicated people are enemies of God and human beings''. They say a sentence and wage war and bloodshed all over the world. Triggering such disagreements is haram. Such problems are due to lack of proper thoughts and understandings. Islam is the religion of relaxation, security, spirituality, mercy, thinking and wisdom. A Muslim person provides safety, spirituality and wisdom wherever she or he is.

Unfortunately, some indecent manners are seen in some social channels. If someone wants to criticize someone else, this criticism should be done personally and individually and it should not happen via social channels such as face book and … because this action is absolutely haram and if this is a scientific and religious criticism, it should be done respectfully and logically.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is seen that clergymen and scientists are insulted due to unimportant excuses in such channels that are not acceptable and logical at all. The prophet (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants) stated             

                         من اهان عالماً فقد اهاننی

'' If a person insults a scientist, it is in the way that he or she has insulted me, the prophet''. 

Afterwards, a question-answer meeting with the youths was held in a friendly atmosphere and during this meeting, the head of the Islamic centre of Hamburg answered the asked questions.


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