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تاریخ انتشار : 7/4/2014 7:47:09 PM
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In the name of God

The professional opinion of Hojatolislam val Moslemin Dr. Movahed Nejad, head of the responsible group for determination of new moon and salat times of great Ayatollah Khamenehei's office and member of the geophysics faculty of Tehran University on the salat times published on the website of the Islamic Centre of Hamburg

In the name of God


I hereby confirm the Salat times, inserted in the website of the Islamic centre of Hamburg that have been specified and presented with the attempt of Ayatollah Ramezani, the head and respectable Imam of this centre, and with using last results of the best Iranian researchers in jurisprudence- astronomical areas.

The prominent features of these tables are to determine the time of Imsak (to refrain from eating) and the sunrise for white nights. These times have been set according to Istifta-s (religious questions) available in this area and the experimental experience of several observations of the sunrise in white nights and have been gained in my journey along with the prominent expert of jurisprudence matters, Hojatoleslam wal-muslemin Muhmmad Rezayi, in five countries of northern Europe. Moreover, this has resulted in more attention in the time of Imsak, sunrise and other times. Of course, we hope that we can decrease thirty minutes interval between Imsak and the morning Adhan in the future with more Istifta-s in relation to white nights and with more observations of stars in these nights.

The professional experts of the calendar centre of the geophysics faculty of Tehran University evaluate the software design of these times and are highly skillful in designing astronomical software. Salat times extracted from the mentioned organization in Iran are on the basis of announcing Salat times in Radio and Television and other media.

May the exalted God favor and assist all persons that are in charge of this valuable religious scientific affair.

Alireza Movahed Nejad

The faculty member of Sharif University of Technology

Member of the council of the calendar centre of the geophysics faculty of Tehran University

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