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Marriage... first thought that pops up...Will it last?

By Nadia Jamil

First of all it should never be about looking for the right person because honestly, there is no such thing as the right person. Nobody is perfect and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. The whole idea behind marriage is about forging a partnership and then making it work. Many people fall into the trap of always seeking that right person. There are several reasons for this but one of the main ones is that from an early age many people hear themselves talked about admiringly amongst families, teachers, co-workers and friends. Since they get complimented a lot this sometimes puts a seed of ‘self-importance’ or ‘you are better than others’ in their hearts. Hollywood movies come in as toppings on the cake to make it even worse.

When this individual sets out to seek a spouse he/she finds it very hard to decide who is good enough for them. They have been filled with so much praise and unnecessary attention that it becomes easy for the devil to make them think no one out there matches up to their high standards. This leads them to ignore or overlook many good people who might actually make very good partners. A marriage can only last as long as both people are working on it. In practice this means looking after each other’s needs, understanding each other’s backgrounds and values, mutual respect, taking on specific roles, and sharing certain duties.

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