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the recognition of the Islam 123- the Islam and the religion17

Whatever is considered as rules in the Islam has advisability. Even when two rules are in contrast with each other, advisability is considered. For example, when a person is obliged to fulfill two different actions, saving the life of a person and preserving the wealth of the person, if there is a dilemma in saving the life of a person and preserving his wealth, saving his life will be prior to preserving his wealth according to the advisability of practical wisdom.

the recognition of the Islam 122- the Islam and the religion16

Praying as a duty toward God has a lot of social and personal effects in making relationships and as it promotes the spirituality of human in a personal area, it has an important role in making relationship between human and God and persons with each other.

the recognition of the Islam 121- the Islam and the religion15

In fact, the society without moral principles separates from social and personal personality of human and can never recognize its responsibilities properly and follows them. Hence, Quran obliges a Muslim to fulfill obligations and considers giving them up the cause of deprivation of happiness and bliss. Quran has such rules in relation to morals and emphasizes on moral rules such as religious jurisprudence rules and law rules so that the society of human moves in the path of happiness decently and achieves desirable perfection.

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