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Date of publication : 1/30/2019 11:41:00 AM
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Spiritual ceremony of Itikaf 2019


With the help of God, Imam Ali  mosque of Hamburg will hold its fifteenth spiritual Itikaf ceremony

 After the impressive reception of Muslim brothers and sisters in the past years from the spiritual ceremony of Itikaf, this year, the mosque of Imam Ali  in Hamburg is proud to be the mosque and one of the oldest mosques in Europe that hold’s this ceremony on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday, March 20th-22nd, 2019 and equal to 13, 14 and 15 of the month  Rajab, therefore, Muslim brothers and sisters who are interested in attending this spiritual ceremony will be requested to fill the form in The end of this page and sign up, by March 5, 2019.


Please pay attention to the following tips


  Due to the wide attendance of  brothers and sisters, to inform all applicants, due to the limited space of the mosque, when the capacity has been full, the eligible applicants will be drawn to participate in the ceremony. Priority is also given to those who did not attend the Itikaf on last year


 All  Muslim brothers and sisters can participate in this ceremony with any nationality and from any region


  We ask applicants to submit your application as soon as possible, along with your profile and, if a group is registered, the profile of each individual (name, surname, age, gender and telephone). (The deadline for registration is March 5, 2019). It is also worth noting that for the peace and spiritual maintenance of the mosque, we do not accept any child in mosque


Please, in order to prevent the harassment of other enthusiasts' rights, only if you have a serious decision to make an appointment, as otherwise you will deprive another person of the grace of being present at the ceremony and you may be religiously responsible 

 To avoid congestion when distributing the card, only those who have received the confirmation email (second email) from the center and whose name has been accepted can attend


  Reception (food and other thing) of honorable guests during these days will be done by the Islamic Center of Hamburg. It is noteworthy that bringing personal items such as sleeping bags, blankets, towels, slippers, etc. ... is the responsibility of the participants


Important: Those who come to Hamburg from other cities and Hamburg is not considered to be their homeland, for the their fast in three days, they must have been vowed in their homeland. For further explanation, see the book of Itikaf’s Philosophy and Rulings. You must be notified before signing up for approval by the Islamic Center of Hamburg. So, before making a registration, do not make a vow from the Islamic Center


To learn more about Itikaf, the Islamic Center of Hamburg has provided a brochure for you to read here.


  Since the Mutakifin should have been at the mosque before the morning Adan of 13th of Rejab (Wednesday, March 20th), the conditions for Habitation for guests will be provided on the night before (March 19th) in the mosque.


The period of Itikaf is at least three days, but if a person cannot attend the mosque of Imam Ali whole 3 days or the mosque's capacity is completed, he can fast for one day ( fasting for the savab), To accompany others.


 All those who wish to participate in the food and drink of the guests and mutakifin, can coordinate with the Islamic Center's public relations.

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