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Let's mean Peace

By Armando Frattini

We should not agree with the catastrophists, nor should we ever invoke the end of the world as a remedy for all evils. On the contrary we should believe that the spread of fear is counterproductive for those who are committed to peace. Objectively fear plays into the hands of those who programmed wars as if they are a mundane event, with actors, heroes and heroines and the victorious, who are never those helpless populations massacred to satisfy the materialist hunger of a handful of lunatics. We should launch an appeal to save humanity which has broken all the known biological equilibriums. We have no idea what will happen in the future but one thing is clear; humanity is moving towards its extinction. It has happened be-fore in the course of history. Archaeology has found ample evidence that entire populations have become extinct as a con-sequence of their actions in relation to their environment; destroyed by abuse, foolishness and greed. War has always been one of the fundamental elements of self-destruction, both by causing the direct death of people on a large scale or as the consequence of successive epidemics.

Today it could well happen again on a large scale. Let us not underestimate the enormous damage modern means of mass destruction can wreak. We appear oblivious of our precarious and fragile condition while the signs are all around us. Widespread cataclysms strike different parts of the world like never before with devastating force. Despite all the weapons in our arsenals we can do nothing against a hurricane, tsunami, a large forest fire or the melting of the polar ice caps, or even more simply a microscopic virus that could easily kill millions of people in a few days. Yet the desire for man-made destruction continues unabated. Whoever makes money by selling weapons will take it to their grave. There will not be a new generation of finance magnates who will be able to enjoy their accumulated wealth, simply because there will not be a humanity left. The Universe may continue to exist.

The Earth on which we live is nothing but a minute granule of sand in a Universe about which we still know very little. Whatever happens on this Earth will not be able to modify the passing of time or the existence of the Universe in relation to which we are a component gone mad. Nobody has the right to use this Earth as if it was our back-yard dustbin. No one has the right to kill, destroy, and mutilate or abuse or whatever else the greedy ones do in their efforts to grab what does not belong to them. ' We are not even the proprietor of our own flesh and bones le alone the planet on which we !iv' We must save humanity from itself, from the greed that pervades it, from the madness that occupies the mind of those who feel invested with the divine power of deciding life or death for other living beings on this Earth. If humanity extinguishes itself it will also be the fault of those who did nothing to prevent it. Humanity can be saved if it takes the non-violent option. Nations which claim to be Christian have to prove it and should not hide behind a smokescreen of peace when in reality they aspire to war. Jesus said many people through the ages would claim to be his followers but would actually be the followers of Satan. He called them 'wolves in sheep's clothing'. It is my belief that those Christians who have slaughtered and killed in Jesus' name were pretenders, for Jesus neither authorized violence, nor desired it, but , most vehemently spoke against any use of force. He said: "a tree is known by its fruit, and you would be able to know his true disciples by their LOVE. Armando Frattini, is an interfaith activist and a non-denominational Christian, living in Italy.

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